Can you get ahead without networking?

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It’s an argument I hear from people daily and it goes something like this:

“I don’t like big groups of people where I don’t know anyone.”

“I don’t get along with other women.”

“I don’t understand how networking works.”

“I went to one event once and never got any business from it.”

Here’s your wake up call.

If you are coming to one of my events.  You know someone – you know me.  Yes, even if you and I have not met one another in person, all you have to do is pull me aside or call me before the event (800-396-4050 x 1) and I will personally make sure that you are introduced around.  We can even sit together.  If you keep coming, you’ll soon realize that everyone feels just as you do.  It is uncomfortable to walk into a group of people where you feel like you might not fit it.  This group isn’t like that.  You do fit in.  You are one of us already – even if you don’t know it yet.  Over time, you’ll get to know enough people that you’ll feel like you are sharing and networking with your girlfriends because you will be.

I literally had someone say to me “I don’t get along with other women.”  She  went on to tell me about all of the jobs that women should not be doing and how men are far more superior to women in certain technical professions.   I must admit that I personally took offense to that.  Are we business women our own worst enemies where a fellow woman in business would prefer to do business with men than with whomever, regardless of their gender, is the right person for the job?  We don’t put women ahead of men just because we are women.  But we also don’t put down women just because they are women either.  If you truly hate women, please, this is not the group for you.

 If you are a newbie to networking – this website, our local events and our virtual events will help to pull it all together for you.  You’ll learn how to transition from meeting a new friend to making great deals.  However, let me give it to you in short-form.  People do business with people that they know, like and trust.  The best way to fast track the process of first meeting someone to actually liking and trusting them enough to do business with them is to interact with them,  Our events and resources provide a venue for you to do that.  We are a catalyst for you…but you have to reach out to further deepen the connections in order to make this profitable.

If you go to any event anywhere “once” and that’s all you did, there is little likelihood you’ll get business from it.  Reach out to the individuals outside of the event.  Invite someone for coffee.  Connect with them on social media.  Be a friend first.  Give them referrals first and over time the referrals and business will come in with such ease it will amaze you.

We can’t get anything done without our fellow human beings.  There has to be someone to sell something to, to create something for, someone to serve in some manner.  It is inevitable that one has to business with other individuals to survive.  You might as well learn how to interact with people to get what you need.  However, don’t be surprised if over time your life becomes enriched in ways you never thought possible.  You’ll make friendships and connections that will go way beyond finances – if you give the process and yourself a chance.


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  1. Great blog, Lourdes! I sure wish I had more time to attend the luncheons, as I always got a lot out of them. For one thing, they helped me get over my fear of standing up in front of a bunch of people and speaking. Thank you for keeping me on your email list – yes, I actually do read them! Hugs, Dee

    • Dee, Thank you for commenting. I hate one-way conversations so your feedback really does help. I am working on a “virtual” event for all of us that find it difficult to get away…and to connect outside our geographical boundaries. Please stay tuned…

  2. Hi Lourdes, I just wanted to say that that is a GREAT blog & you are “spot on!” I truly can’t count the number of people who put off going to networking events for fear of not knowing anyone…or whatever the reason. Then they finally went, came back and said how fantastic it was, etc. So, long story short, I totally agree with your comments!

    • Glad you agree. We should all be making connections at various groups local and online to grow our businesses. But you know that – you are a networking powerhouse, girl!

  3. Seriously?! Someone actually made that statement to you? Apparently they have very low self esteem. I have yet to meet one person in our networking who is not more than willing to go that extra mile. It is her loss. Sadly closed minded people will never be successful. They live a self fulfilling prophecy of failure. Not only that we work and live in the 21st century.

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