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This is one of the most powerful ways to network and grow your business. The friendships and fellowship is what brings it all together.

Yvonne Mason   

I have been coming to Lourdes' luncheons for over a year now and if you haven't been yet you simply MUST come! I remember my first time coming and the expectations I had... who knew I would end up with not only business connections, but friendships with other women who are striving to become more successful in their businesses. The energy is authentic and not phony like some other networking events I have attended. It is always a great time and Lourdes is fantastic! Thank you, Lourdes, for creating this wonderful community of women.

Wendy Conrad   

From the perspective of a first time visitor to the event, it was wonderful! Great coordination from beginning to end in a warm and genuinely friendly atmosphere.

Debbie Walker   

Hi Lourdes

It was great meeting you today. I am very glad I came to the luncheon and met so many very nice women. I do look forward to next months’ meeting. Thank you again, you did a great job!

Eva Kelly   

I tuned into your podcast interview with Bette Lee Crosy. As a writer / artist entrepreneur I enjoyed learning more about podcasts and learning from a successful writer. Always looking to pick up business tips and inspiration from other women in business.

Teena Stewart