Are Women Afraid to be Geeks?

Have you noticed that people seem to talk about “their computer guy” or “the guy that built their website?” Is a Geekdom a world with a passcode that only teenage and twenty-something boys have?  Sometimes it appears as as if women engage only in the “softer” side of the Internet like social media.

Well, I’m a self professed geek and I want you to join me!    Being as literate in technology as possible is no longer an option.  Our businesses and careers, relationships, and life depend on it.  Plus it’s fun!  Over the coming weeks and months I’m going to show you some of my favorite tools that will help you in business (and personally too).   Plus there is so much networking that can be done online.  We can grow our own business and help one another even more through technology.

I promise I won’t GeekSpeak at you.  Instead I’ll break it down plain – simple and easy.  But if you are geeky too, I think you’ll enjoy it also.


Computer Cartoon #4136 by AndertoonsComputer Cartoon by Andertoons

So let’s start off nice and slow….

I must admit I hate to cook.  Here’s a link to comic strip that completely explains what cooking is like for me.  But comic strips aside, it’s expensive, time-consuming and tiring to eat out.  Plus it’s terrible for a diet.

So I found this service that does all of the heavy-lifting for me.

1.  They plan weekly meals for me.  And…by plan I mean PLAN.  They give you the recipes, the shopping list (sorted by isle), and budget.

2.  I can choose from various weekly plans to conform to my preferences.  For example, you can choose  vegetarian plans, “clean eating” plans, regular family plans, gluten-free plans, and more.  You can even choose which grocery store you prefer and they’ll plan the meals around the weekly sales flyers.  I was on the Family Publix Plan but just today changed to the Clean Eating Plan.  You can change plans once-per-month.

3.  I can access the plans from anywhere I have an internet connection. I can print the menus and shopping lists and keep them for later use too.

4.  I’ve saved a ton of time trying to figure out a menu for the week, or going grocery shopping all of the time because I forgot some critical ingredient.  I’ve also saved a lot of money.  I found that I was overspending because I wasn’t planning properly and I just didn’t take advantage of the seasonal savings.

5.  The recipes are EASY.  Trust me, if I can make them, anyone can.  There’s no weirdo ingredients, there’s not a list of ten-thousand strange spices that need to go in a double-boiler or some such.  It’s easy, real-world cooking that most people will like.

6.  The service is inexpensive!  I’ve saved a lot more in time and money than I would ever spend on this service.

They’ve been featured on Oprah, The New York Times, Redbook, Fox, Martha Stewart Living, Southern Living, CBS, ABC, Parent and Child

A link to this service is below.  Check it out and let me know what you think.


Here’s the thing though.  If you sign up through this service through my link above I will receive a commission from them.  But you need to know that I only promote those services and companies that I have tried, trust and believe in.

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