Are You Going Around All Stepford-Wife-Like?

You been there, haven’t you?

You have a bad day.  You’re tired of the boss, the co-worker or the employee.  Perhaps a family member made you mad or you’re just in “a mood.”  You need to let that emotion out.  You’ve got some inner-rage to tame and that Facebook time-line is sitting right in front of you.  Perhaps you’ll seek solace from your “friends” and you decide to share the most intimate details of a situation with just a few hundred of your most trusted confidants, online.  How could that ever hurt you?  These are people that you know and trust.  You’ve chosen your “friends” carefully.

But you know better…you kow that you shouldn’t share all of that negativity because:

  • It’s very easy to pose as another person on the Internet.  That trusted friend may not be your friend at all.
  • Social media websites are constantly changing their privacy policies and you may have been giving permissions that you don’t understand.
  • You foul mood and perspective may change drastically after a good run or a night’s sleep.
  • You also might not have all of the facts.

Most of us know that if we’re feeling snarky, vindictive, or like, and want to “just vent” we don’t do it online because we might regret it.  The negativity just doesn’t serve us as individuals or business people.

But I’m wondering if we’re missing something going around by acting all Stepford-Wife-Like. 

I had a client tell me yesterday that he hated Facebook because it reminded him of how perfect “everyone else’s” life is.    I’ve heard of several people getting truly depressed over what they see their friends doing online.  I think that’s so sad and such a misunderstanding of what social networking can do.

Intellectually we do realize, don’t we, that most people are going to post they best picture they’ve got as their profile picture?  People just aren’t going to post pictures of poopy diapers or messy living rooms,  they’re not going to talk about childish fights with their significant others, and they don’t normally post about how they hate their job unless they want to lose it.

Everyday isn’t sunshine for me, you or anyone else.  We all have challenges, problems, losses, and frustrations – some big, most minor, thankfully.

Stop comparing yourself to a life that you think someone else is living.  Instead, walk your own way and take what you see online from your friends and contacts in stride.  Remember, it’s mostly what they want you to see.

Instead, in the words of Michael Hyatt, build your Platform now for all of the future jobs, businesses and ventures that you will need in the future.  Stop concerning yourself with someone else’s so-called-perfect-life and start building true business relationships and friendships online and most importantly in-person.  Don’t get sidetracked by all those pictures of your high-school friends living what appears to be a magical life and start using social media for what it is, another tool to connect with individuals for your mutual benefit.

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