Are you “Poised for Success?”

I had the opportunity yesterday to meet Jacqueline Whitmore in person at a Networking and Business Seminar. Jacqueline is the author of Poised for Success, a book covering modern-day business etiquette including networking etiquette and social media etiquette. She was fun, funny, approachable, gracious, and mostly informative. Her presentation lasted 40-minutes but it went by so very fast. I wanted more, so I picked up her book and read it last night.  I’ll be re-reading it again and again…it’s that good.

I particulary love her chapter “Networking Not Working? Foster Friendships Instead.” That chapter is a concise explanation of what we do together at our Luncheons. We build relationships in order to develop business. Of course, the beauty of what we do is that we gain so much more than new clients through our process.

Unlike most etiquette books available, she covers social media for business. She has great and timely tips including “Don’t tweet in the heat” (ie don’t tweet when you are angry or upset) as well as “Don’t drink and tweet.” I think we’ve all witnessed those regrettable Facebook and Twitter posts that have cost people their jobs, relationships and credibility, simply because someone reacted when they were vulnerable.

This is the kind of book you want as a reference in your personal business library and one that you also want to make available for your staff. You can even use it as a tool at networking and/or sales meetings.

You can check out her book here!

If you pick up her book, let me know what you think and if you have any business etiquette tips that you’d like to share with everyone, simply post it here.  This way, we’ll all learn from one another together.

I can’t wait to see you at a Luncheon soon!



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