Do You Work With Your Spouse?

Do you work with your spouse or for a family owned company?  How has it impacted your business and your personal life?

Some of my clients work very well with their “significant’ other and their lives are enriched because of working together to reach a common goal.  For other families and businesses, it’s just a nightmare.  I have friends that work for family-owned companies and some feel like they are a part of the family – – and they love it.  Others cringe at the inevitable and very public family squabbles.

Here’s a link to a recent article a came across on this subject.

The article is good, per se.  It certainly lays out all of the pro’s and con’s (even a few I never thought of) but it leaves out the emotion and complication of working with family.

Here’s what I’ve heard other people say…

“I could never work with my spouse I because I need my own identity.”

“I could never work with my spouse because then I feel like work would never end.”

“I could never work with my spouse because I have to be the boss and (he/she) won’t listen to me.”

“I could never work with my spouse because I don’t want to sleep with a co-worker.” (yes, someone once said that to me)

“I could never work with my spouse because I’m afraid that they’d grow tired of seeing me all of the time.”

I was blown away by the raw emotion in the statements above.  It seems to me that for most people there is a real element of fear surrounding working for the family business or employing a family member.  I have found (and this is no way scientific) that women in particular are afraid of working with their husbands because of loss of control or identity in the workplace.

What is your take on the subject?  Do you work with a family member our your significant other?  Would you consider it if you don’t?  Do you shy away from working for family run companies or do you thrive in them?



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