“Facebook,” She Almost Sobbed Out, “Was Crushing Her Soul”

No One is Perfect, People Put on Their Best Masks on Social MediaIt’s amazing what people will say while on their cell phone at the grocery store.   I overhead a conversation, well I guess half of one,  the other day.  A  woman was complaining to a friend about how terrible her life is and how wonderful everyone else has it.

I really didn’t mean to keep listening, I promise.  But she seemed to keep pace with me as I went through the aisles.

She talked about “Jane” who had the perfect husband,  “Missy” who had the perfect kids,  “Sarah” who was blissfully-single, jet-setting around the world in her glamorous job, and some other friend who is so talented she only eats her own home-grown organic food.

This woman was so distraught and wrapped up in her story, that she was just under yelling on her cell phone in public.  Where did she get all of this so called information on her friends?  “Facebook” she almost sobbed out, was “crushing her soul.”

As business women we know the importance of social media.  Just check your local television anchors, I bet they’re on Facebook and Twitter.  They’re not on Social Media for fun, they are there because their job requires them to be.  Have you noticed that the Show Hosts on the various Television Shopping Channels are “everywhere” online?  That’s for a purpose too…to create “the cult of personality.”  We can say that they creating an image, they’re sculpting a platform, they’re engaging with the audience….but let’s call it what it is….THEY’RE SELLING.  And guess what? This woman’s friends are selling too.  We all are.

Why would you want to put a picture of a big zit on Facebook?  What purpose would there be in telling people that you were struggling with weight, money, an unruly child,  or felt unworthy?  Some people air every sordid detail of their lives online, that’s true.  But truth be told, we don’t all share everything, nor should we.

As women we are prone to comparison.  Why else would graphic designers get paid to spend countless hours photoshopping “regular women” into looking like goddesses.   Just click on the picture below and it will link you to a whole story on some of the most photoshopped images.

Here’s what I know, if done right for business purposes, people will put their best foot forward across all social media.  Let’s not fault people for wanting to put out only the positive.   But let’s also not make assumptions or comparisons – especially with anything in the media, social or otherwise.

Just take Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and whatever else will come along for what it is, a tool for connecting people to one another.  Don’t let the fact that people put on their best masks keep you from growing your presence online and growing friendships and business connections all over the world.  Stop comparing, start living and start connecting.




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