How To Get Your Picture to Show Up in the Comment Section

Don't Be the Gravatar Mystery Man

Don’t Be the Gravatar Mystery Man

Have you ever wondered what “those little pictures” are in blog post comments and how to get your little picture to show up there instead of that cute little gray colored dude aka “The Gravatar Mystery Man?”   You can and you should get your own picture or logo to show up whenever you comment on blog!

Networking used to be simple: go to your local networking event with business cards in hand, meet some people,  follow up with those people and, voila, you were networking.  The Internet allows us now to network online in addition to going to events through participation on blogs, websites and forums with insightful comments, feedback and helpful information.  If you aren’t participating you are really missing out on creating some amazing relationships.  Your can connect with others through your commenting (almost) anywhere online by setting up your very own “Globally Recognized Avatar” or “Gravatar.”

Part of that participation means changing that little gray mystery man graphic into a beautiful picture of your smiling face or your logo.   Doing so is easy, free and powerful in making business connections.

Basically, you’ll set up a free Gravatar account, upload the image of your choice and fill in whatever contact information makes sense for you.  Most websites have the built in ability to pull the information from the Gravatar servers based on the email that you enter when you fill in a comment in a blog.   Participation on blogs helps YOU because it gets your name out there to the blog owner and all current and future readers of a particular post.   With a custom Gravatar, the more you participate within a community, the more people will see your face, and once they recognize it, the more likely they are to click on your image to find out more about you.   That is to say, if the readers like your comments and find you helpful, they might just connect with you and/or your brand.   That’s networking!

If you don’t want to comment or be recognized on the web, that’s fine.  But I’m assuming that you are here reading this because you are a business woman wanting to network.  If you are a blogger, podcaster, business owner, or want to build your career or brand, you need to participate in discussions online and make sure that your Gravatar is up-to-date and includes the information that you want displayed to the world.

Setting up your Gravatar is easy.  Just go to and follow the directions.  There is a great help section and make sure to read the terms, privacy policies and the like to ensure that you are in agreement with all of it.  Once it is set up, you’ll want to edit your profile so that it will contain links to your websites and social media properties that you want to promote.  Remember, this is a completely public profile, so include the information that you’d want ANYONE to see.  Do NOT include any private information or information that you don’t want just anyone to have.  You can include as much or as little as you want.  Also, a Gravatar doesn’t have to be your personal picture, you can use your brand logo if you prefer.

Here is an image of my Gravatar Profile page, such as it is at this moment.

Lourdes Welhaven Gravatar Profile

Lourdes Welhaven Gravatar Profile

I’ve listed 2 websites, my Twitter Account, Personal (Public) Facebook Page and my LinkedIn page.  I’ll likely add information and massage this a bit, but if someone really wants to find me, they can certainly do so right now with this information.  I have purposely not listed any telephone or email addresses but I may list a company email address in the future, I’ll see how this goes and I can change things or add anything at any time.  So if you check my public Gravatar profile in the future, it may be different from the picture shown.

If you aren’t participating online your missing out on so much networking!  Network with me and others in this community right here!  You can do it from the comfort of your computer or tablet where every you might be.  Comment on the posts and get in on the discussion and when you do so, make sure your not caught without your personal Gravatar.  Otherwise, you’re commenting for nothing because we won’t really be able to get to know you without it.

So hint, hint…go ahead and set up your Gravatar and comment below!

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