Hurricane Irene

Our Luncheons have been affected by the Hurricanes in years past. While the ultimate track of Irene is unknown, as of right now it does appear that Irene will be skirting our coast in some manner and less likely to make a direct impact on the Treasure Coast.

So maybe we’ve dodged this bullet “somewhat.” The actual impact will, of course, will depend on the final track and intensity and Hurricanes have a way of “changing their minds.” For those of you on the Treasure Coast, remember Hurricane Wilma? She was supposed to be a Cat 1 and ended up being much stronger and causing a lot of damage.

As for the Luncheon next week and the week after: We are still a “go” on those. But if this season is like others you know that they’ll be more storms, more cone-of-errors, and more Hurricane preparations.

Should there ever be a change or cancellation of our Luncheon due to some Hurricane we will 1. Send an email, so make sure you are on our email broadcast list. Simply sign up for the reminders by filling out the form at the bottom right-hand corner of our home page 2. Put the notice up on Facebook. 3. Put the notice up on our website.

If a Luncheon is ever cancelled due to a Hurricane, don’t worry. We will either refund you or credit you (your choice). In this way, there is no risk in signing up for an event during Hurricane season.

Finally, if you ever have any questions, just call me (800) 252-4437.

Meanwhile, here are some resources to keep on-hand during Hurricane Season.  They’re a little different than “the usual” and will help to get you through the storm.

I’ve found this website to be particularly clean and helpful to navigate.

2.  Steve Weagle’s Facebook Page!/pages/Steve-Weagle/118650831509555

The Weagle is my favorite meteorologist!  I think he’s calming and during Hurricane season, we need as much reason and calm as we can muster.  I particularly like his Facebook page because he posts updates and you can interact with other viewers there!

3.  The WPTV weather apps:  This is so cool!  Almost makes hurricane tracking fun!  You can link to the app of your choice here:

If you have information, a link or a resource of interest for hurricane season, please comment below so we can all know about it.

Stay safe, sign up for the upcoming Luncheons and I look forward to seeing you at a Luncheon soon!

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