I Admit, I’m a “Girly-Girl” But What The…Were They Thinking?

Ok, I admit it.  I’m a…what do you call it?  Ah yes, “girlie-girl.”  I do so like the term Girly-Girl much better than “prissy” or “high-maintenance” or well, you get the picture.  I admit it it, I  love pink and bling; puppies and kittens; cute markers and notebooks; stuffed animals and date-movies; and yes I am an adult.

However, when it comes to technology and business, I take it all very seriously.   I came across this press release about a new computer, soon to be released by Fujitsu, that was designed just for women.  I’m not sure whether to laugh, be insulted, or perhaps really want one.

At first glance, I must admit it looks very pretty.  I’d love to carry around a “bling bling” computer with me.  I mean, I already have a

Fujitsu Floral Kiss

totally feminine luxe computer case (affiliate link) that I use right now for my laptop.  I do think that Fujitsu is on to something.  Most computers look pretty boring and, all things being equal, there are individuals that would choose a casing that they find appealing.

However, what I found outright obnoxious is the included scrapbook, diary and horoscope applications that come with the computer.  Is that what Fujitsu thinks that women do with their computers?  I also don’t appreciate the fact that nowhere in their press release do they even hint at the RAM of their new computer.  If I am going to purchase a computer, even one for casual on-the-road use, I want to know some of the hard specifications to make certain that the item meets my needs.

As a girly-girl I applaud them for the cute design, but as a business woman and admitted geek, I am very disappointed that they think that we’ll buy a computer just ’cause it’s cute and includes a diary.

The future of computing though, is that computers will become even more stylish and integrated into our lives.  I am excited about this first, if misguided step.



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