It’s Never Too Late…and Here’s Proof

I think it’s normal to look back on the prior year and think of what could have or should have been done differently.  As working women we play so many roles such as mother, daughter, wife, friend, business person, cook, financial expert, decorator, etc.  Geez, I’m feeling tired again already.  But this year I’m doing something different.  Yes, of course, I’m setting my business goals and personal improvement goals, but you know what…I’m also setting a goal for continual learning, just because I love to learn.

Maybe like me, you’ve forgotten what a pleasure it is to simply learn something new for the joy of it.

I found this article about inspiring elderly learners.  I must warn you, the first person on the list is 42 and you and I (as well as the author of the article) all agree that 42 is in no way “elderly.”  Just ignore that and keep reading, it’s really worth it.

If you want to learn something new to better your career that’s great but it’s ok to choose to learn something, just because it’s fun.  Maybe it’s time you finally took those ballroom dancing classes; perhaps you and your dog can go to obedience school; or maybe just maybe, you and that teenager of yours can take vocal lessons and you can sign your hearts out together.

I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to learn to do for fun, but as soon as I do, I’ll let you know.   I’d love to hear about your New Years “fun” goals or if you are continuing your education for whatever reason, I’d love to know that too!

Meanwhile, click here, for the article to get inspired by one young 42-year-old baby and 10 slightly older folks, who made it a priority to continue their education to further their careers, change careers, or simply for the love of education.


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