July 5th Has Always Been Like the Start of a New Year for Me…

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment quoteJuly 5th has always been a “New Year’s” of sorts for me.  It’s the day after Independence Day here in the United States and seems to mark the fact that half of the year is over.  On this July 5th, I’m thinking about several goals and projects that I have in the works. I spent yesterday turning them over and over.  I know the commitment it is going to take to move forward and that gives me pause.

Here’s the truth:

1.  I want to complete these goals and projects.  Why take on a goal if you don’t really, really want it?  I want this, let me assure you.

2.  I am uniquely suited to complete these goals and projects.  We are all constantly “being prepared” for the next project and it seems to me like so many opportunities, people, gifts, etc have been set before me that point the way for me.

3.  These projects’ success could be life-changing, in a good way.  I’m a risk taker and when I see an opportunity for a win, I like to take it.  For better or worse, I always have.

But here’s also the truth.

1.   While I believe in my heart that I’ve got what it takes to make these projects successful, I also know it’s going to take every ounce of will and determination to get them done.  In other words, I may “have what it takes to get it done” but I also know that it is going to “take all that I’ve got.”

2.  There are no guarantees for success.  When you are an entrepreneur, you learn to invest your time, your money and your heart in things with no promise of a reward.  It takes discipline to keep going even when things don’t appear to be moving forward.  But the reality is that it is possible, that I’ll spend precious time and resources for nothing.  Yes, I’ve been successful in business, but I’ve also failed in business – – any business person who tells you that everything they’ve ever done has been perfectly successful is lying.

I’ve been more introspective than usual, possibly because I’ve finished reading the War of Art (I highly recommend it).  But you know, it all comes down to this…what are we waiting for, right?  Truly, what is there to lose…

1.  Time – Can’t make that up, but at least I’ll know I gave it my all.

2.  Money – Won’t take that much actually, and I can always make more.

3.  Heart – It’s business and not truly a matter of the heart, but I do tend to fall in love with projects.  If it fails, I know I’ll get over it and find the next thing.

So I’m stepping over the proverbial Rubicon and laying down the gauntlet (pretty snappy double sentence cliche usage there ‘eh?).  My health, family, and faith come first, always will.  So for this latter half of 2013 I’m going to work harder and smarter than I’ve ever worked before.  All I can do is work to the best of my ability.  Success will come or not on her own accord and I’m ok with that.

What are you putting off that you’ve always wanted to do?

Have you always wanted to write a book, start a business, invent a product, start a family, get married,  or whatever?  Well, we’re not getting any younger are we?

If you like, you can share a bit about your goals in the comments below and we’ll all support you here.  But if you prefer to keep it to yourself, I get that.  Sometimes, ideas have to percolate on their own.  Sharing them too soon is not usually a good thing.  But remember, we are all about networking here, so if the time is right to share publicly, do so, so we can support you.

Otherwise, you can just “join in” by saying simply  that you too are working on something special for these next 6 or so months.  Just comment below.

Are you scared?  Me too…a little bit, I must admit.  But let’s “do this” consistently and with discipline for the next 6 months and see where it takes us, shall we?


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