NTW 028 – Getting Healthy and Growing a Business Online with Yogalebrity, Jenn Givler

Jenn Givler

Jenn Givler

Things happen for a reason, don’t you think?  A few years back, while out to lunch with friends, Jenn Givler found herself depressed and overweight.    It was in that moment that she decided to get back into Yoga – a decision that changed her life!

In this interview Jenn shares with us how she used Yoga as a tool to restore her health (please check with your physician before embarking on an new exercise program of your own).   But there’s more, Jenn also shares with us her really intriguing business model where she teaches people Yoga online.  Jenn is truly a Yogalebrity (yoga + celebrity = yogalebrity!).  Most of all, Jenn’s successful journey back into health and into a business that she loves will inspire you.

Take Away Points

1.  There’s no point in working hard if we are not healthy.  ***Check with your doctor first before starting any exercise program.***   I love her e-newsletter that contains her 3 weekly FREE weekly yoga workouts!  Check it out!

2.  Jenn is setting an amazing example of what it takes to promote a product or service on the Internet.  She is producing her e-newsletter in an effort to both bless her subscribers but also to allow people to get to know her.  She gives her readers first-class content in her free newsletter so that they can get to know her.   This is an example that we all need to study.

3.  Did you hear what Jenn said about her business model and how it relates to all of us?  “You are here to serve a very large community. You have the capacity and ability and inspiration to serve a lot of people thanks to the Internet.”

4.  Jenn used exercise to restore her health.  I used to think that Yoga was more about stretching than anything else.  I’ve stand corrected!  Yoga can help you to get in shape and can be a calorie burn.  Most interestingly she talks about the benefit of Yoga of  being connected with her body.  This connection naturally lead her to make healthier choices.  What a contrast to the usual diet you feel deprived!

Important Links:

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Jenn’s Email:  Jenn@BlendedYoga.com

Business Tip

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Final Thoughts

This episode was a huge eye-opener for me and really got me thinking that there are so many more things that we can do to serve a very large world-wide market.  We just need to think bigger.  What are you thinking bigger about today?


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