NTW 029 – Pricing and Positioning for Success with Isabel Azalia Sam

Isabel AzaliaHave you ever felt like you are working around the clock, trying to keep clients satisfied and just not getting any traction?  Wait until you meet Isabel Azalia Sam, the owner of IsabelAzalia Photography.  She has the answers that you and I have been looking for!  It’s just impossible to discount a business to success.  There is always someone less expensive and eventually, you’ll be forced to cut corners to make a profit.

Do you really want to be the “cheap” brand?   I don’t.  In this episode Isabel explains why and how she has positioned herself as  a “Luxury Photographer!”

Take Away Points

1.  You can’t discount yourself rich.  There is always someone willing to offer a lower price.  Your only choice is to offer something different or better.  When Isabel concentrated on offering over-the-top service her business started to grow exponentially.

2.  The little extras mean an awful lot.  All of the extras that she does to keep in touch with clients is part of what keeps clients coming back.  This extra effort helps to bring in the referrals.

3.  The book I mentioned that Isabel told me about has really helped me to get a better understanding of Isabel’s process.  Worth Every Penny talks about how to build a “boutique” style business.  I am in the process of reading this book and I am loving it.  The books is written for photographers but don’t overlook it if you are not a photographer…it pertains to all of us!  The mindset and  the structure are pricessless.

4.  Her clients are happier now that they are paying more.  That sounds surprising, but is it?  She’s delivering much more now than she ever could have before.  Also, because she is targeting clients that don’t necessarily want the lowest price, her clients are never disappointed.  You see, there is always someone cheaper.

5.  Isabel is not afraid to walk away from clients that aren’t a good fit for her firm.  Every time I get “that feeling” about a client and don’t walk away I regret it.  How about you?  “No” is a difficult word for many…it is for me.  I’m learning to love “no” though.

6.  I love that Isabel looked for mentors in her industry and invested in her professional growth.  Who in your industry can you consult with?  As Isabel pointed out, be prepared to pay for the consulting and guidance that you need.

For networking purposes and especially for your photography needs, get in touch with Isabel as follows:

Isabel’s website:  IsabelAzalia.com

Isabel’s email: isabel@isabelazalia.com

  Business Tip

I’m not sure if this is a business tip, information, a prediction of the future, or what?  So perhaps we should just call it a “Lourdes told you so.”  The publishing industry is changing.  Forget that, it has changed and this is just the beginning.  There will be many opportunities forthcoming for you to build a new business and/or promote your current business.

Here are some videos (affiliate links) that I encourage you to watch.  Do so quickly, before they are taken down.  Yes, they are part of a product launch but that’s not my point in sharing this with you.  I was able to get on the Beta Version of Digital Publishing a year ago and I am so thankful for that.  My goal in sharing this with you, is for you to be thankful of the information too.

Click here.

Final Thoughts!

What can you do today to be more purposeful about your customer’s buying experience?  Leave me a voice mail (look at the box to the right) or comment in the blog post below.  See you next week!


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