NTW 030 – Uniting Heart and Business for Soaring Profits with Rena DeLevie

Rena Delevie - The Round Table Business

Rena DeLevie – The Round Table Business

Have you ever had to deal with difficult people?  Have you ever struggled with wanting to care about people but knowing that “business is business?”  In this interview Rena DeLevie – Chief Compassionate Officer at The Round Table Business shares her strategies for uniting heart and business.


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Take Away Points

1.  Compassion is actually good for business.  It is a tool to run a business efficiently.

2.  We all manage others every day in every instance.   This is a good reminder that people skills are so essential not only in business but in life.

3.  When dealing with employee situations:

a.  If you must confront, confront in confidence.  Don’t embarrass your subordinates.

b.  Bite your tongue and listen.

c.  Help them understand how their actions affect other people.

4.  Principles of compassionate management

a.  Be yourself. Show up. They hired YOU – show up.

b.  Trust your gut.

c.  Own your power.  Don’t react, respond.  Your power lies in how you treat yourself and others.

5.  Compassion for yourself is huge.  Your needs and wants are as important as anyone else’s.  Self compassion helps you to deal with others more effectively.

6.  Just because you understand where someone is coming from, doesn’t mean you have to accept their behavior. How you hold them accountable is compassionate management.

7.  Make sure to take advantage of Rena’s Free 30 minute consultation!  You’ll find that she’s very knowledgeable!

Special thanks to Dixie Gillaspie for making the introduction to Rena DeLevie

 Business Tip

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Final Thoughts

What tips do you have for dealing with difficult people or challenging business situations?  Leave a comment below or leave a voice mail, right on this website!  Finally, do you have any decluttering tips?  We want those too!  leave them below or on the voice mail!

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