NTW 033 – Finally a Bra That Fits with Erica Windle of A Sophisticated Pair

426971_362825643738159_1128212563_n In this episode I talk with Erica Windle, co-owner of A Sophisticated Pair about proper bra fitting, wearing and sizing.

Who knew I didn’t know how to put on a bra, let alone, size a bra.  Yes, the mystery of the proper cup and band size are revealed!   We learn how bras have different sizing standards, how a cup size has very little meaning truly, how most women are wearing and ill-fitting bra and the mystery behind the multiple hooks are revealed.

Then we get into the good stuff!  Erica tells us of how her struggles to find a properly fitting bra led to her co-founding A Sophisticated Pair – a boutique that is now helping women with proper sizing not only in her local community, but world-wide, online.

For more information or to connect with Erica:

A Sophisticated Pair
1143D St. Mark’s Church Road
Burlington, NC 27215
t: (336) 270-6744
Tuesday-Friday, 10am to 6pm
Saturday, 10am to 5pm




Even more details and “science” behind the bra sizing.


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Final Thoughts

I’m so glad you joined me again this week and I look forward to us connecting again in the following week.  Make sure you put YOU on your to-do list. YOUR long-term goals, YOUR health, YOUR happiness are all priorities. YOU ARE IMPORTANT TOO!

This episode and blog post contains affiliate links.

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