NTW 034 – No Excuses with Maria Kang and Habits with Erin Frey

Whats-Your-ExcuseThis week’s episode is a “2 for 1” all centered around one theme, we have to take care of ourselves.  What is the point of being successful if we are not healthy?

I bet you’ve seen the picture here of Maria Kang and her three boys. This picture has received a great deal of media attention and controversy.  I interview Maria about why she posted the picture and what drives her to put her health among her top priorities.  You’ll learn that she does this not in spite of her boys but because of them.  I know you’ll love her story.

You can connect with Maria on her website here: http://www.mariakang.com or at her non-profit here: http://www.fitnesswithoutborders.org

A direct link to her FREE “No Excuses Program” can be found here:  http://www.mariakang.com/category/fitness/no-excuse-program/

Please, please, please, though, consult with your doctor before starting any diet or exercise regimen.

In this episode, I also describe what I’m just beginning to do (again) to be my personal healthy best.  My actions are inspired by Maria Kang and the Pursuing a Balanced Life Podcast by Cliff Ravenscraft.  In this episode I go on to discuss how I can so identify with Cliff throughout his many episodes in struggling to find balance.  You may recall that Cliff is “The Podcast Answerman.”  You can learn to podcast through Cliff (just like I did).  Remember to use coupon code “Networker” for $500 off of your tuition.

One of the things I’m doing is making a commitment to walk 10,000 steps a day.  I use a FitBit to help me track my progress and keep it fun.  You can join me in my FitBit group and we can challenge and support one another.

Next I interviewed Erin Frey of Lift.do.  I had mentioned Lift in a previous podcast as my business tip of the week.  But in the interview we go in depth with Erin where she explains all that Lift currently offers and what else other resources are coming and expanding with Lift.  What I love about Lift is the ability to connect with other like-minded people and give and get encouragement from others.  Best of all, Lift is FREE!  You can join me on my challenge to walk 10,000 steps everyday on Lift.  Just find me there!

Want to connect with me on Lift, FitBit or whatever so we can encourage one another?  You can search for me or email me and I’ll make sure we are connected!

Lift - Erin Frey

 Success is great in business and let’s definitely do that together.  But let’s get and stay healthy – whatever “healthy” means for each of us personally.

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