NTW 035 – The Invisible Helmet That’s Changing the World with Anna Haupt

Anna Haupt - Hövding Founder

Anna Haupt – Hövding Founder

I don’t really know how I ended up watching a video on Hövding – “the invisible helmet” but the link that I saw on some social media site really drew me in.  The video showed two women riding their bikes.  One obviously had a helmet on.  The other, the video said, had an invisible helmet.

I looked and looked…”Perhaps the helmet is translucent,” I thought.  But no, the woman’s hair was waving in the wind.   I just couldn’t figure it out…the video kept teasing and implying.  Finally at almost at the very end, the secret was revealed.

It’s a fantastic video…you must…YOU MUST watch it…seriously.

Watch it and be amazed at how the story unfolds.  Watch it and you’ll appreciate the creativity of the two founders, Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin.  Watch it and prepare to be inspired to change the world in your own special way too!

In this episode of the Networker for Business Women podcast I interviewed Anna Haupt.  I’ve listened to the interview several times and each time I take away more – more business lessons and life lessons.  Mostly, I have to tell you that Anna is very gracious and down-to-earth.  She went out of her way for this interview for all of us and I couldn’t appreciate that more.  She also speaks perfect English.  I apologized to her for not speaking her language, Swedish, but she was just so understanding.

I can’t wait for you to listen to the interview and hear the passion in her voice as she talks about having to develop her own confidence – that one of the best part of the whole interview.  But kudos goes to her “very German and very harsh” professor (her words not mine) who made her and Terese realize that what they had developed was a million dollar idea.  As you’ll hear, it’s more of a billion or trillion dollar idea with multiple applications – this is just the beginning.  You’ll also hear her talk about the resistance that she and Terese experienced simply because they are women working in technology.   Sure, Anna and Terese were angry about that but they channeled their frustrations into proving that they were right and that their vision could become real.

If you are anywhere in Europe, you are so lucky because you can purchase your very own Hövding right now!  The Hövding will most certainly be available in other countries soon.  I can’t wait to get mine one day when it comes to the USA!

You can check out the website here

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Also in the episode I share how one of our readers/listeners asked me how she can make an overly enthusiastic person that she met at a local networking event stop calling her or cornering her to buy their goods/services.  I gave her my recommendations on dealing with this person honestly while salvaging the friendship.

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