NTW 036 – Get Better at Public Speaking with Carol P. Andrew

Carol P Andrew - Public Speaking Coach and Trainer

Carol P AndrewPublic Speaking Coach and Trainer

In this episode I interview Carol P. Andrew, a Public Speaking Coach and Trainer.  Whether you consider yourself a seasoned speaker or a reluctant newbie, you’re going to come away with a lot from this episode.

In fact, I’m already putting a few things into practice.  Specifically, I am no longer introducing myself by saying “My name is Lourdes Welhaven.”  Instead, I am saying “I am Lourdes Welhaven.”  Carol says it sounds more commanding and I agree, it does.  Another thing I have trouble with is know what to do with my arms.  Goodness, it’s like you get up to speak in front of a group of people and suddenly your arms have grown three feet or something.  Does that happen to you?  I’m practicing looking comfortable while letting my arms hang at my side. So far, so good, but I must admit, this will take getting used to.

Carol has offered us all a FREE 30 minute discovery session so you can ask her whatever questions you like.  Obviously, she wants to do business with you but there is no obligation for the 30 minute session.  Just contact her through her website.

Here is the list of links that I promised you in this episode:

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Carol P Andrew

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