NTW-037 From Victim to Warrior with Amber Mauldin

Amber Mauldin

Amber Mauldin
Wife, Mommy, Author, Speaker

This is a very special episode of the Networker For Business Women Podcast.  There’s nothing explicit in the content but because of the sensitive nature, you may want to listen to it first before you allow your children to hear it.

Amber is an online friend that I met through Twitter.  I spent a fair bit of time checking out her website and realized that her story is one that needs to be told again and again.

In fact, in many ways, her story is “our” story.  Who among us hasn’t had a day, a week, a season of life where we have asked ourselves “why me?”  But Amber, more than most, had every right to ask that question.  After a brutal attack at the age of 15 Amber could have become bitter and hardened.  Instead, Amber chose a different life for herself.  Through her faith, she chose to become “The Warrior”, “The Chosen” and not “The Victim.”

I believe that we all struggle with questions on why bad things happen to good people.  I don’t have the answers.  Through her experience and guidance from her youth pastor Amber was able to find enlightenment, purpose and peace through The Book of Job.

In case you are wondering I am Catholic, which, of course, means that I am a Christian too.  However, this podcast, this effort, this website has no religious affiliation per se.  This is a BUSINESS podcast and as such, everyone from any faith, or no faith, is welcome.  So take this episode in any way that is palatable to you.  If you share Amber’s faith, wonderful.  If you don’t, then take it as a philosophical discussion.

If you listen to this episode you’ll catch a glimpse of an interesting theory: The “Why”  is because we are all intertwined – across space and time and part of the overall plan.  The “Why” is because somehow we advance and serve one another through suffering.

I don’t know why bad things happen.  But I do know that now that I have discovered Amber, it is my duty as a fellow human to share her story with others so that they too can move bravely from Victim to Warrior.

Connect with Amber

Amber’s Website
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One of the things that Amber specifically asked for in this episode is for “literary representation.”  In short, she is seeking a publisher for her book.  Yes, I’ve told her that she should go the self-publishing route.  I actually have a book that is almost done that I will be self publishing through CreateSpace.  But Amber feels very strongly that she needs to go the traditional route.  If you can connect Amber to an agent or publisher, please do so at through her links above.  Otherwise, why not just connect with her for networking and friendship.  She’s lovely and wonderful.  You’ll like her a lot!

Look for Amber soon on the Christian Television Network.  As I get details from Amber about her appearance, I’ll post it here for all of us.

Meanwhile, my Business Tip of the Week is all about urging you to join Twitter – particularly if you are looking to make connections outside of your immediate area.  Business is done worldwide now, I see no reason why one shouldn’t expand their online presence and Twitter is the perfect place to start.  Set up a profile and follow me, I’ll follow you back and we’ll get to know one another even better.

Meanwhile, I am working on a program on how to use social media for business networking purposes.  Does that sound interesting to you?  If it does, drop me an email – I’ll alert you when I have more details (it will be a while yet!).


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