NTW-038 Simplifying Your Life with Donna Smallin Kuper

Organization and Cleaning Expert

Donna Smallin Kuper

In this episode we meet Donna Smallin Kuper, a leading organizing and cleaning expert. The interview is much less about organization tips and tactics and more about Donna’s story, how she got started and her mindset.

Donna’s career as an organizer started when a publisher asked her to write a book on the subject – in 8 weeks! Those 8 weeks and the resulting book changed the course of her life and career.

Since then, Donna has continued to write and has authored 13 books – with more on the way. Her books have also led to several gigs as a spokesperson for various well-known companies. Most recently, Donna has followed her own de-cluttering advice when she and her husband sold their home and most of their possessions to travel and live in their RV.

You’ll enjoy Donna’s peaceful demeanor and philosophy in this interview.

Episode Links:

Donna’s website: Unclutter.com
Donna’s Husband’s website about living in their RV and traveling:  Flying the Koop
Donna’s organizing support group on Facebook.
Donna’s Author Page on Amazon.
Donna’s Business on Facebook.
Donna on Twitter.

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