NTW 22 – Simplify Your Life with Vanessa Hayes of the Simple Life Together Podcast

Simple Life Together Podcast

In this episode I interview Vanessa Hayes of the Simple Life Together Podcast and of GetSimplifized.com.  This was a very powerful episode for me and I hope for you too as we learn as much about mindset for living “our best life” as we learn techniques and strategies for organization and simplification.

I love the Simple Life Together Podcast and know that you will too.  She co-hosts the podcast with her husband Dan and I love how they interact with one another and give each other room to shine on their show.  They set a great example of a wonderful marriage and partnership.  But even more than that, I come away from each episode with valuable tips and techniques to help me to keep focusing on what is important in my life.

In this episode I discuss my big “aha” moment.  I was  coincidentally,  reading The War of Art during the time that I was putting together this episode and realized that my tendencies to over-commit are simply symptoms of resistance towards doing that which means so much to me.

If you have not read The War of Art the prior paragraph probably will make no sense to you.  So let me say it this way, if there is something that you are wanting to do and haven’t been able to, listen to this episode and read The War of Art (it’s a quick read) and I bet you’ll come to the same realization that I did.

Episode Links

Simple Life Together



National Association of Professional Organizers

The 4 Hour Work Week

The War of Art

Take Away Points

1.  Vanessa talked about getting the most interest in her GetSimplized business from YouTube.  Interesting don’t you think?  We’ll be covering YouTube in depth later (hint hint).

2.  Clutter can be physical and emotional.  Vanessa talks a lot about editing things and commitments out of our lives.

3.  If you have difficulty saying “no” then ask yourself why you feel compelled to say “yes.”

4.  Be deliberate in where you invest your time.

5.  Consider the cost of being a “slave to your possessions.”

6.  When organizing a space (like a closet), don’t just go out and buy containers as a first step.  Instead, get a good vision of what you want the space to look and feel like and “edit” first.  If you don’t love it, don’t use it, don’t need it, it’s gone.

7.  Vanessa talks about networking  within her own industry in order to learn from, teach and collaborate with others.





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Business Tip!

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