NTW 23 – Government Contracting and Work/Life Balance with Liz Salem

Norris Design - Liz SalemThis episode will reveal an unknown potential customer for you – the government!  Learn from Liz Salem of Norris Design of how she does business with the US Federal Government, how she has expanded to serve her State government and how is opening up her business to the local/regional commercial community.  Whether you are in the USA or somewhere else in the world, your government is buying products and services.  They should by buying from YOU!

But there is so much more to learn in the episode.  Liz has structured her business in a very compelling manner.  Her employees all work remotely with flexible schedules and she “requires” her staff to take an hour for lunch and also an hour out for exercise of their choosing.  What a great boss!

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Liz has been so gracious to reach out to us.  She has asked that if you want to get in touch with her about government contracting or her new health business, to reach out to her via her personal Facebook page.  Just friend her and tell her you heard her on the Networker for Business Women Podcast!

If you are not in the USA and want to explore the potential of contracting with your country’s government, just Google “government contracting” and your country and you’ll find a ton of links. I did this for several countries and was amazed at the information that is readily available.




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Business Tip of the Week

BufferApp is a resource that you can use to schedule your social media posting.   You can “buffer” your posts that you don’t always have to be online to submit your status updates.  I’ve been using their paid service for a very long time now and love it.  I do not have any sort of affiliate relationship with them, so use them if you want to or not, doesn’t matter to me.

I do have a few cautions for you.  Please remember that social media is “social.”  So this tool should be used ONLY as a crutch to help you to post.  You still need to be genuine and interact personally.  The purpose of social media is networking and engagement, so make sure to still log into your accounts directly and engage with your community online, otherwise, your missing the boat.

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