NTW 24 – Bridging the Gap Between Education and Business with Patricia Tilllman Ragan

Patricia Ragan Tillman

Patricia Ragan Tillman

You know how much I love The Shark Tank and The Apprentice.  In this episode I interviewed Patricia Tillman Ragan who is simulating the Shark Tank and Apprentice experience for her students.  She utilizes pop-culture, television, new media, and innovative instructional  design to prepare her students for jobs, entrepreneurship and a college education.  Wait until you hear what fun her students have!

Patricia is a career and technical education teacher specializing in business in Canastota, New York.  She teaches High School Grades 9 – 12.  Her goal is to get students hired or into the College of their choice.  In short, she is bridging the gap between education and business.  Her work has been recognized by Microsoft and Donald Trump and is supported by CEO mentors around the country as well as in her community.

She has been chosen to go to Barcelona in March of 2014 to represent her country,  the United States of America, with her programs, so that she can educate and learn from other educators all around the world.

Here are the links mentioned in the interview:

Microsoft Partners in Learning

Patrcia’s Blog

Patricia’s School’s Page

Patricia’s YouTube Channel

You can connect with Patricia as follows:

Patricia on Twitter

Patricia on Facebook

Patricia asks that you let her know that you “met ” her on the Networker for Business Women Podcast so that she knows you are a like-minded individual.

Of course, we also learn that instructional design is in Patricia’s blood.  Both her father and grandfather were at the forefront of instructional design and her father’s text book on the subject is below:

Take Away Points

1.  Patricia utilized online and local networking in order to find the CEO’s she needed to make The Shark Tank experience possible.  In the episode she goes through her list of CEO’s from all over the USA but also mentions that her students skyped with Belfast, Ireland as part of the experience.  If you are only networking online or only networking locally, you are missing out.   Your networking efforts need to be balanced and supported by both online and offline means.

2.  I’ve mention it in every episode it seems, this is a small world we are living in today.  What an amazing time we are living in where we can impact and interact with others globally – – any one of us!  Patricia did a great job by recruiting mentors from all over.  However, I admire that she did not ignore  her community resources.  She utilized local CEO’s for the final phase of The Shark Tank experience.   Technology is great, but it is also very valuable to be able to interact well with individuals in person.  I found it interesting that the students found the in-person presentations particularly challenging.  To do well in business today, we must push beyond our comfort zone to be able to communicate our ideas face-to-face.

3.  I was impressed to learn that the  Mentors feel liked they learned more than the mentees.  That is a testament to the program that Patricia put together.  I have heard from individuals who regularly mentor others that it is one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences that they have taken part in.  Perhaps we should all be looking for those opportunities.

4.  Patricia used Skype to connect her students with the CEOs.  The most efficient and inexpensive way to communicate with others all around the globe is through Skype.  It’s easy but also a critical skill in today’s technology driven marketplace.

5.  Speaking of a technology driven market, I love how Patricia refers to her class as a “season” and video-taped her “show.”  I love how she talks about her utilizing social media to “make things go viral.”  I love how she has a YouTube channel.  She has her students interacting with and using all of the online promotional tools that we have available to all of us today.   Just think how far ahead her students are.  We should ALL be taking advantage of all of the technology that is available t us.

6.  One thing that I find so compelling is that she mentioned that both her Principal and Superintendent were behind her efforts 100%.  Patricia’s students are blessed that they are benefiting from an organization where ideas and innovation are supported.  This should challenge all of us to support new ideas in our own firms.

Advice from the CEO’s

1.  Start small but think big.

2.  Quality over quantity

3.  Really serving your customers very well. 

Patricia’s message for any adult who thinks it’s too late for them: Take risks. Don’t let fear get in your way. If you have a passion, you need to go for it. If you are passionate, it is going to show. Go forward without the fear. Be fearless and open to opportunities. You can truly do ANYTHING. Generally there is nothing to lose. Just go for it.

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