Oh How I Wish These Puppies Were Mine

I love dogs and I love shoes, so imagine my thrill at seeing this gorgeous work of art online.  It’s the work of Kobi Levi and you can check out his website here and see his work.

Unfortunately what I’ve come to find out is that Kobi’s shoes are made by him, by hand and not readily available at say, Dillards or something, otherwise “these puppies” would surely be mine.

As they are hand-made by a world-renowned artist, I’m sure, as they say, “if you have to ask how much, you can’t afford it.”  Of course, my feet don’t like high-heels either anyway.   But I still love looking at his lovely works of art and imagine them on my feet.  Sigh…

I’d thought I’d share his work with you thinking that you might like to see his shoes too, but then I got to thinking.  If Kobi can take a fairly mundane item such as a shoe, and “see” something else in it that delights him and his fans, well, why can’t we all do that?

There’s no doubt that he is gifted beyond measure. but I think we can all  be inspired by his example to bring whimsy, happiness, and creativity to all aspects of our lives.

For example, is there that little extra touch to the lunch you make for your family that you used to do but got too busy?  Can you decorate your personal space in such a way that it brings you joy?  Can you stop and take the time to see what others ignore to delight your boss, your client, or co-workers?

Let’s be honest, life is tough and full of sadness but it’s a little luxury like this, if only to see it, that makes us feel happy.

Now if I could only find something half as cute that I could actually walk in.

Enjoy his website.  http://kobilevidesign.blogspot.com/

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