Podcast Episode 10 – In the Shark Tank with Kelly Costello


Puppy Cake as Seen on Shark Tank

Puppy Cake as Seen on Shark Tank

“If you want extraordinary results you have to put in extraordinary effort.”  That is Kelly Costello’s mantra and I do think she has done an amazing job of achieving the extraordinary.

Kelly was featured on Season 3 Episode 4 of Shark Tank.  If you aren’t familiar with Shark Tank you need to get familiar with this show.  The premise is simple, entrepreneurs and inventors present their ideas to famous investors aka  “The Sharks” in order to get funding and connections.  Kelly was actually contacted by the show’s producer and invited to apply to the show.

She didn’t get funded but that didn’t stop her.  She took what others may have seen as a defeat and really listened to The Sharks‘ advice to grow her business.   We can all learn from that advice too.  Listen in as I bring to you, Kelly Costello, owner and founder of PuppyCake.

Kelly was generous enough to give us her personal email address:  Kelly@PuppyCake.com  She has invited all of us to reach out to her about our businesses and if she can help you she will.  Just make sure that you place something about this Networker for Business Women interview in the subject line and body so she knows that  you’re one of us and that your email is not just some spam message.

Meanwhile, we can help Kelly by promoting and using her products and connecting her with individuals and opportunities within the speaking/motivational industry.  The world really needs to learn and hear from Kelly.  If you can help her, just email her.

Below is the link to all of the Shark Tank Shows on Amazon  (affiliate link)   Just click on the show logo below:

Meanwhile, great job for reaching out to the interviewees.   I received word from Cindy Cromer that she is thrilled that you all have reached out to her about her books.  Here is a link to Cindy’s Episode (#9)  Remember, all of the interviewees are eager to hear from you.  Reach out to them and make a networking connection!

I received an email  from Miriam Lovinger that she was thrilled to get business through the Directory.  Here is a copy of her email:

I had to tell you that I just spoke with someone who sent a message to my website. She found me through….drum roll please…..a networking website that she found online and you guessed it, it was YOURS!!! Woo Hoo! I will be speaking with her later this evening, and hopefully I will be helping her plan a vacation or two. ….You know how I already feel about you, your group and the ability to advertise on your website. Best $25 I ever spent.

Here’s what Miriam was writing about, our Directory!    I hope you’ll consider joining the Directory too and that it is as useful for you as it has been for Miriam.  View her listing by clicking here.

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I also mentioned  Little Pampered Dog Website and Little Pampered Dog magazine.

Your question this week: What are you doing to put in extraordinary efforts so you can reap extraordinary results?”

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