Podcast Episode 13 – The Business of Publishing with Bette Lee Crosby

Bette Lee Crosby with Her Dog, Katie

Bette Lee Crosby with Her Dog, Katie (affiliate link)

In this week’s episode I interview Bette Lee Crosby.  Bette is a very successful Indie Author.  Bette writes books specifically to appeal to women – which is reason enough to have her on this show, but I also interviewed her because she is very savvy about the business of writing.

In the interview Bette talked about her books as well as the publishing industry today.

I am very fascinated with the Publishing industry from a marketing point of view.  One of the most important things that  we can do to establish our credibility in the market place is to publish a non-fiction book in our genre.   I am fascinated by authors and, in particular, Indie Authors who are incredibly successful in the market place.

Bette defines an Indie Author as an author who is  independently published or published by a smaller press.  She explains that being an Indie Author means that you’ll spend time taking care of all of the details that Publishing Houses used to take care of for their authors in promoting their books.  However, you’ll keep more of the profits and you’ll have full control over the cover design, your editor, pricing etc.

Bette did give us some pointers if you want to be an author:

1.  IF you want to be an author, go fot it!  You don’t ever know until you try.

2.  Read, read, read!  You’ll learn a lot about writing by reading.

3.  Even before you start writing, think your story through.

4.  Writers write, just start putting something on paper and make a goal to write every single day.

5.  Look for a writer’s group in your local area.  Your participation in such a group can help you to learn and gain confidence.  You’ll even learn by sharing and critiquing others!

Bonus Tip: Quote from Bette: In Non-Fiction it’s the destination that counts, in Fiction it’s the Journey – Bette Lee Crosby

Here’s a link to Bette’s Author Page on Amazon

You can interact with Bette on her website here.  Make sure to follow her on all of her social media properties.  You’ll be blown away by her level of engagement with her readers.  We can all learn a thing or two about using social media for business from Bette.

Here the cover of Bette’s favorite book.
Click on it and you’ll be taken to the book’s page on Amazon (affiliate link)

Spare Change by Bette Lee Crosby

Spare Change by Bette Lee Crosby

Here’s the cover of the book I’m reading now.  Right now I’m in the mood for a light read and, hey, there’s a cute little white fluffy dog in the book and on the cover.  What more can a girl ask for? (affiliate link)

Cupid's Christmas by Bette Lee Crosby

Cupid’s Christmas by Bette Lee Crosby

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Business Tip of the Week

My business tip of the week is probably as much for me as it is for you and it’s “Pay yourself first.”  I’m not talking about just putting away money for savings.  I’m talking about putting yourself, your physical and mental well-being, your goals, your happiness first.

There will always be another load of laundry to do.  There will always be another client to serve or another project the boss needs.  There will always be demands that others will put on your time.  So often as women in business we are left with nothing but a tired body and spirit.  What about what YOU want and need?

I hope you’ll join me in an attempt to live a more balanced and rewarding existence.  Do you think you have all of the answers in that regard…or even some of the answers or some tips?  Let’s hear ’em!  Just comment on the post below.

Oh! Don’t forget when you comment to make sure that your “Gravatar” is filled in.  See last’s weeks blog post linked below for more information on that:

How To Get Your Picture to Show Up in the Comment Section

Thanks for tuning in and reading!  Have a great week!




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