Podcast Episode 17 – Rocking Sales with Jane Garee

Jane Garee Sales Trainer

Jane Garee Sales Trainer

In this episode I interviewed Jane Garee.  Jane is a sales trainer.  She’s really fun and funny but also VERY knowledgeable.  She was a very successful sales professional, manager and trainer in the corporate world for years before she decided to launch her own sales training firm.

Her story is compelling.  She gets really honest with us as she details the struggles that she had in “selling herself.”  I know that these are similar struggles that business owners often have in selling their products and services too.

She overcame her struggles and her unique experience, personality and abilities shine through this episode and I know you’ll enjoy hearing her.

Take Away Points

1.  Sales is as much about mindset as it is about technical sales skills.

2.  Utilize networking events as a way to make connections for further potential business development.  Networking events are NOT permission to go into a “sales attack” mode.

3.  If you believe in your product or service then you know that what you are offering is a gift that will better someone’s life or business.

4.  A good sales person is picky about who they choose to do business with.  It is important to qualify your prospects to make certain that you are the best solution for them and that they are a great client for you.

Additional Resources

Jane’s Website

Direct link to Jane’s Sales Strategy Application Page

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Business Tip of the Week

If you take the survey (linked above) you’ll note that the survey is actually hosted by a third-party service titled Survey Monkey.

Feedback is so important in business and the possibilities are endless.   They have free and paid packages but the free one is great for most small business needs.  The only drawback is that the free version restricts you to 100 responses per survey.  That may sound like a lot but it goes fast and doesn’t truly allow for a scientific sampling.  But it’s enough to get you what you need on a small scale for most businesses.  It’s certainly enough to try out the service and see if you like it.

Information is EVERYTHING in business and even with just the free version you could poll your employees for feedback. or get feedback on your services from your clients.

Survey Monkey offers some pretty sophisticated market research services too where you could run some product testing and the like.  You are limited only by your imagination.

Why survey?  Because you want to give your market what it wants as efficiently as possible.

I do NOT have an affiliate relationship with Survey Monkey at the time of this writing (though I wish I did – – hint hint to any Survey Monkey people ever reading this, but I digress).   Check them out, I think you’ll really like them.

Here’s a link to the website www.SurveyMonkey.com

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