Podcast Episode 18 – 5 Critical Steps to Create Business Relationships Through Networking

bigstock-Woman-Screaming-With-Social-Ne-16908758In this episode, I give you the action plan that so many of you have been asking me for.  Here it is…The 5 Critical Steps to Create Business Relationships Through Networking.

Here is the outline that goes along with this episode

1.  Have an agenda- Have a pre-planned idea of who you are targetting and why.

2.  Identify the following individuals

  • The “Obvious” – People who clearly and personally need your product or service.
  • The Potential “Partners”  Those individuals who serve the same or similar market.  You have a clear potential to refer business back and forth to one another.
  • The Influencer – Those well connected people that will help you because they can.  Keep in mind that:
    • The Influencers in a group might not be the really likeable, funny or charismatic ones.  Being fun is not enough to be considered influential.
    • Influencers seem to hold others attention
    • Influencers work hard to truly connect people
    • Influencers are involved in the community.  That “community” can be an online or offline community.
    • Influencers understand the value of social media and they have an adequate following on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and hte like.
    • Influencers promote others more than they promote themselves.
    • Influencers might have fun but are also “appropriate” especially online.

3.  Connect

  • Try to have a memorable conversation at the networking event.
  • Be “normal.’  Be yourself.
  • Listen to what your target individuals have to say in their introductions.

4.  Follow Up

  • Via email – DON’T SPAM!
  • Written thank you notes
  • Social Media
  • Newsletter – DON’T SPAM!

5.  Meet with those individuals OUTSIDE of the networking venue

  • Be up front about why you want to meet
  • Don’t make it sound like a date
  • Meet in an office or a public place
  • Meeting can include a simple coffee, a phone call or skype!

    Business Tip of the Week

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Any old egg timer will do but I prefer an online time.  I found this timer that was specifically created for the Pomodoro Technique.  You can find it here:  Focusboosterapp.com

Thank You!

Directory – Thank you to those individuals and companies that have shown their commitment to this effort and want to advertise their business on this website.  You can find those individuals in the Directory.

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