Podcast Episode 2 – Surviving and Thriving with Yvonne Mason

In this episode I interview “a little pistol.”   Yvonne Mason is a survivor.  She has overcome a lot in her life and was in her 50’s when she started college.  Since then she’s had a career as a bounty hunter, is a prolific self-published author, and is pursuing a speaking career.

She’s fun, tough and funny and I know you’ll love her as much as I do.

Prepare to be inspired and remember, she (and I) will accept absolutely no excuses.  So listen in and start following your dreams right now.

You can find Yvonne at these websites:
Yvonne Mason Author Page  (affiliate link)

Author Website

Yvonne Mason

Yvonne Mason

Remember, the idea behind these interview podcasts is to give you permission to reach out to some amazing people.  Connect  with Yvonne and let her know you found her on the Networker for  Business Women Podcast.  Let her know if this episode helped you.  Email her as follows: ysam51 (at) yahoo (dot) com











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