Podcast Episode 3 – Preparing for College with Angie Record

In this interview I spoke with Angie Record, Ph.D.  Angie is an independent college coach.  She helps domestic and international students.

Here services include:

  • ACT, ISEE, PSAT, SAT, and SSAT test preparation
  • College Selection and Application
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • Writing Samples
  • Resumes

Her interview will be very helpful to you if you or your child are preparing for college or graduate school.  But there’s another story within the story, and that’s all about Angie and how she started her business.  She looked to her passions and skills in order to create a business where she can work anywhere, for anyone in the world, doing something that she loves.

In her interview she talks about

1.  The importance of community service for students.
2.  How she decided to build her business.
3.  How her first marketing steps started with networking.
4.  How she utilizes the Internet to help students all over the world.
5.  The cultural differences that international students need to be aware of when applying for and attending American schools.

Angie also talked about a book that she believes in, that helped her to decide what she wanted to do in this next season of her career.  As she puts it, she wanted her business not to feel like work. She wanted to be excited and engaged in what she is doing.  You can find a link to that book here. (affiliate link)

Angie, has invited us to connect with her as follows:

A Record Company - College Coaching and Test Preparation
A Record Company – College Coaching and Test Preparation
Angie Record, Ph.D.
A Record Company, LLC


Global Academic Consultants, Inc.

520-258-9599 (tel)
520-344-8735 (fax)

Angie’s College Test Prep Books are as follows (affiliate links)

SAT Preparation in 28 Days: A Companion to The Official SAT Study Guide

ACT Preparation in 28 Days: A Companion to The Real ACT Prep Guide 


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