Podcast Episode 4 – Reaching Out with Lourdes Welhaven

I’ve been trying to publish a new podcast episode every Monday.  I was delayed by a day because of Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac.  Or shall I say “The Spawn of Isaac.”  Apparently, the most unusual thing happened.  A portion of the storm, an outer band, got detached from Isaac and didn’t follow the rest of storm west, away from our area.  Instead, that band just stayed over us and washed everything out.   Consequently, my Internet connection and power were spotty yesterday to say the least.

I took a little change from the usual to answer some of your questions relating to

1.  Why should we network with others.
2.  How to connect with them.
3.  What to expect.

These questions came about as a result of the recent podcasts where I encouraged you to reach out to the interviewees.

Here are the notes I promised you in the podcast:


In the interest of full transparency, my firm prints notecards, specially designed for my clients to put “ink to paper” in order to thank and connect with others.   My purpose is not to “sell you” as you can get lovely notecards ANYWHERE (ie Hallmark!).  However, if you’d like for me to learn more about our notecards, I would so appreciate your business.  Just email me here.

Here’s a recent blog post on why we need people.

I didn’t mention this book in the podcast, but I should have.  It’s awesome and thorough and I think we should all begin immediately to build our own platforms.  The book is very detailed and goes through not only the “why” but the step-by-step how utilizing all current techniques.  I’m a huge fan of Michael Hyatt and I know you will be too.  (affiliate link to his book)



Yes!  I personally want to hear from you.  You can

1.  Comment on this blog. (hint hint!)
2.  Send me an email:

Friend me on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/lourdeswelhaven

Find some of my business pages http://www.facebook.com/networkwomen or http://www,.facebook.com/welhavenandassociates

Now go out there and connect with someone!



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