Podcast Episode 6 – Getting “Unstuck” with Susan Somerset Webb

I’m a big believer in action.  I have issues with teachings that seem to tell people that if one just believes enough, they can have everything in life that they want because there has to be some kind of action has to get the process moving.

If we find ourselves “stuck” with the inability to improve or change something for ourselves, if we are unable to follow through or take action, there is the

Susan Somerset Webb

Susan Somerset Webb

possibility (if not distinct probability) that there must be something in our subconscious preventing us from doing so.  Susan Somerset Webb helps people to get their subconscious in-line with their good intentions in order to move forward in their lives.

We’re not talking religion or philosophy.  It’s not, as they say, “woo woo.”  Her practice is just another tool, to help people to move forward.  I’ve personally consulted with Susan in order to get over grief over the loss of a friend and I can say that the process was remarkable in its effectiveness.  You don’t have to be local to Susan to learn from her.  She has a book, a website with lots of free resources and she has just begun a free monthly seminar on EFT.  I will be taking advantage of her free Tapping Tribe.

You can find out more about Susan. EFT and Psych K at her websites below.

Susan’s Website

Susan’s Monthly Tapping Tribe

One of the purposes for this on-demand radio show is to connect this community to some amazing people that we can network with.  No one, and I mean no one comes on this show without me making sure that I have their permission for you and I to contact them in order to connect and network with  them.  The best way to connect with Susan is through this link.  Take advantage of this, it’s your permission to begin that business relationship with her.  Make sure you tell her you heard her on the Networker for Business Women podcast!



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