Podcast Episode 9 – Switching Gears with Cindy Cromer

Cindy Cromer

Cindy Cromer

In this episode I talk with Cindy Cromer, author of Desperate Measures.  What I love about Cindy and this interview is that she provides proof positive that we are capable of many different things and that we can express our many talents.  She used to the be the Director of an environmental laboratory and now is an award-winning, published author.    I love how Cindy just very matter-of-fact, pursues her goals without hesitation.  We should all be doing that!

Cindy talks about her book, the challenges of going from a corporate environment to working solo and more!

Here is a link to Cindy’s website so you can check out her awards and books.

Here’s a link to Cindy’s book on Amazon

Cindy’s book is also available at Cindy’s local independently owned bookstore: The Vero Beach Book Center.  

If you have always wanted to be an author but just haven’t found the time, I think you’d really benefit from “nanowrimo”  Here is the link to the National Novel Writing Month website http://www.nanowrimo.org   If you haven’t heard of this, boy are you in a for a treat!  I  encourage you to make any month a “nanowrimo” month.  Don’t wait until November – start now!  Of course, though, it’s more fun to write like mad knowing that you are writing alongside hundreds of thousands of people world-wide.

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Now for a question for you…are you working on a book right now and if so, will it be fiction or non-fiction?

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