Remote employees?

I predict that in the future most of the professional workforce will work remotely.  It just makes good business sense.  I really think  that most office jobs will be done “everywhere” and “anywhere” and at odd times.  The recession has fueled this trend as businesses try to fill in their staffing gaps while still trying to get everything done.  Finally, technology is readily available to help people work away from the cubicle.

Imagine a flexible workforce that you can scale up or scale down. Work can get done around the clock, because your employees prefer to work at odd hours.  Your staff is happy and they appreciate and love their job because it affords them the ability to be at home with their children.    Office politics is almost at zero because there’s no one hanging out in the breakroom.   These are just some of the reasons why I love having a “virtual staff.”  I am more than open to telecommuting arrangements, frankly, I prefer it.

The article I found highlights the benefits to businesses in hiring “moms.”  If you have children and want to stay home, you might find your employer receptive to the idea because of all of the benefits to them.  If not, the time is getting better and better at finding the right organization that welcomes a remote workforce.

So businesses owners, really think this through, this might be the very best advice you’ve gotten in years.  Consider remote workers!

Oh, and for the record not only do moms make great telecommuters but frankly so do dads or any person that prefers to or needs to work from home.

You can read the article here


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