shocked by facebook postI went on Facebook in between client appointments to check in, submit a few posts, engage with friends, followers and the like.  I had a few spare minutes and thought I could get just a little bit done when I saw two postings on my timeline that…well…disturbed me greatly.  There’s lots of stuff that people post on social media that they should not but these two posts were shocking to say the least and I want to share them with you.  But I’m not mentioning names because I don’t want to bash anyone.  That’s not what this is about.

The status updates were posted by an individual with a significant local following (5,000 “friends”).  This person actually posted on Facebook that they did not care for a certain pseudo-celebrity figure because that figure is a woman. What?

Here’s the thing, I don’t like that woman either, but not because she’s a woman, but because I just don’t share her viewpoints or values.  It’s fair not to like someone, but to not like someone because of their sex is unbelievable to me in this country, in this day.  In fact, he covered his dislike for her because she is a woman throughout several postings and the language was so shocking that I actually thought his Facebook had been hacked.  Sadly, he was not hacked, he was not kidding, it was not a joke, and he was serious.

Does it really have to be said that someday he might want to sell something to a woman?  Does he not realize that someday he might need help from someone that happens to be female?  I don’t think he just offended women with his comments.  I believe that there are plenty of men that are offended too – men that value their mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, friends etc…that would be offended by the fact that he is bashing someone not because he disagrees with them, per se, but because he says that women have nothing to teach him.  But wait, it gets worse.  You want to know what is even scarier than that?  Many, many people liked his comments and they were both men and women.

I was really rattled by this.  Not just by his comments but the comments of his supporters.  There are really people, lots of them, here, in a westernized country, that believe that women are less than men.  And then it dawned on me, you know what, there are plenty of women that bash men.  There are plenty of people that bash one another because of their race, ethnic origin, sexual preference and the like. We wonder why children are bullying each other in school and online.  Well, I know why, it’s because they see their parents doing even worse.

You may not realize this but I’m first American born in my family.  My family is from Cuba.  Yes, I know, I’m very fair skinned, blue-eyed and blond.  You know that’s actually not as odd as you might think it is for a hispanic individual.  I like to say that “we come in all colors.”  I consider myself American, white/hispanic and of Cuban descent.  But the world chooses to label me in all sorts of different and interesting ways.  I even had someone tell me recently that I’m not “really truly white” but that I can “get away with” looking like I am.  That comment just insults everyone, don’t you think?  You see it presupposes that people are just clamoring to “pass as a white person.”  I could go on and on at the stupidy here but I won’t.

So here’s my networking lesson for all of us.

1.  If you are out there networking realize that you’ll be interacting with individuals – individuals that can help you and inspire you, if you can bring yourself to look beyond the labels.  Everyone is valuable.

2.  No matter who you are someone is prejudiced against you somewhere. I don’t care who you are, you are not immune.  Yes, white men are bashed too and you know they are.  Let’s never forget that while we are a community aimed at helping business women, we do realize that we value and need men as well as women.

And to the very creepy, scary dude on Facebook with the crazy number of followers that believe in what you are saying: I have unfriended you with a flourish, because after all, I am a woman, and you have nothing that you could ever learn from me.



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