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I am at a loss for words today and I know that many people don’t really comprehend why.  I never knew Steve Jobs and many people think of him as just another CEO who became famous.

Steve Jobs represents more to me than just an “iThingy.”  Instead, because of him and others in his generation, so much of what we all do on a daily basis is possible.  You don’t have to own any Apple device to have been touched by the technology, because Steve Jobs’ technology was the
catalyst to improvements and innovations by his competitors.

Steve Jobs also reminds me of the friends I grew up with.  I only aspire to be a geek.  I was a nerd. I am a nerd.  I’ve never been cool.  But in my circle being smart was awesome.  All of my high school friends were “brainiacs” and passionate about learning and we were the first generation directly impacted by Apple.  The early footage of Steve just reminds me so much of the people that I grew up with: eager, smart, full of potential, and ready to conquer the world.  Looking at the young Steve just brings me to a point of nostalgia and reminds me of life that just doesn’t exist anymore.

Today I sit very sad, wondering what could have been, what wonderful innovation goes undeveloped because we’ve lost him.

I’m also angry.  We continue to lose our most brilliant and loved ones to cancer.  I lost my father to cancer 18 years ago and I’m not sure that we are truly any further today than we were almost 2 decades ago.  We need someone with Steve’s passion and talent in the medical industry. 

Humanity is all the better because we had Steve but we are so much the worse today because he’s gone.

God bless, you Steve and godspeed.  Perhaps we will all meet again one day in iHeaven.


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  1. Lourdes I was popular when I was in grammar school and highschool and to tell you the truth I would have rather been a braniac then a popular person. When you’re young you doln’t realize that education is far much more important then being popular. I was popular and so busy making plans socially that I let my school work fall by the wayside. I got decent grades, but my GPA should have been better and my social life should have been a little less busy..

    Today I can look back and I would have probably been upset if I wan’t popular because kids are so mean, today, as well as theyy were in the years I grew up. Being popular was fun, but fun isn’t always the most important thing in life. Learning, education and being a kind, respectful person is just as, or more important then popularity.

    I too am sorry for the loss of Steve Jobs, it’s very sad to loose such a wonderfully briilliant man to such a disease that can’t be stopped and takes the lives of so many people in their prime. People that we need who are compassionate and giving of their brilliance to make life better for all people. Hopefully they will find a cure for cancer and maybe one these brilliant scientists will be able to save the lives of all these people afflicted with cancer and other diseases that take their lives away.

    • Randi,

      I always knew you were “cool” and being cool is great. I’ve learned the EQ (emotional quotient) as as important as IQ. I dare say that all things being equal social skills will take you farther than most anything else. That’s part of what made Steve Jobs so brilliant. He understood people and he knew how to connect with them. He made technology available and fun.

  2. I feel the same about Steve’s passing, Lourdes; I was just thinking of how personal it felt when I read your post. That speaks to the capacity of people who do their right work fully to connect with the community, even with those of us that never meet them personally.

  3. I agree and lost my step dad yesterday to cancer. I laughed last night that at least he was traveling to GOD in good company. Steve Jobs was more than a nerd. He was jobs…just think of how many he helped to innovate. In America we need to keep dreaming of the next thing that can change the world. We should all try to make our “Ding” in the universe. We should all want to make our mark. It all counts and we are the greatest country in the world because we believe in the human spirit and all it can achieve. Steve is everywhere even though he is no longer here with us in person. He will always be a pioneer, a free spirit and a visionary. When I grow up, I want to be like hm and we all should teach our children to be like him too.

    • Keri, I am so sorry for your loss. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you. xoxo

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