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Grow Your Home-Based Business

There are a lot of great reasons to work from home and to work with contract or remote workers.. I won’t go into all of that here.  Instead, if you are interested in tools that can help you small business grow.  Check out this article (and pay special attention to tip #7) I found here.   Enjoy!  

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Remote employees?

I predict that in the future most of the professional workforce will work remotely.  It just makes good business sense.  I really think  that most office jobs will be done “everywhere” and “anywhere” and at odd times.  The recession has fueled this trend as businesses try to fill in their staffing gaps while still trying to get everything done.  Finally, technology is readily available to help people work away from the cubicle. Imagine a flexible workforce that you can scale up or scale down. Work can get done around the clock, because your employees prefer to...

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