Wondering What to Charge to Speak to a Group?

Ever thought about being a professional speaker but you didn’t know what to charge?  I finally found the best article on the subject written by a business woman I admire so much, Patricia Fripp.   Fripp is a marketing and public relations powerhouse.

I discovered her years ago from her book Make It So You Don’t Have to Fake It!: 55 Fast-Acting Strategies for Long-Lasting Success (affiliate link) and have loved everything she’s written ever since.  I reread the book recently and have to admit, times have changed a lot since it was originally published 12 years ago but the philosophy is timeless.  In contrast her website is completely current and “with it” taking advantage of all avenues of new media.  I love what she and her team have done there!

Regardless of whether or not you want to speak for a living, her article proves a point – “don’t let your ego get in the way of your purpose.”

You can connect to the article here.




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