Working Virtually

I found this interesting article for you. It’s funny because this article mirrors the direction that I’m seeing so many business go in these days.

The benefits for the virtual worker are many.  There is enhanced flexibility and the ability to work “anywhere.”  Working virtually for many clients also offers a nice variety in duties and experiences that can increase an individual’s marketability.

Business owners benefit too!  Happier and more fulfilled workers lead to increased productivity.  As a business owner you have to have the goals, mindset and technology to make it possible, but the technology is out there and affordable.   For someone to be able to successful at being a virtual worker, they need to be a self-starter, and isn’t that what every business owner wants anyway?

I have several members of my team that work “virtually” for me.  This means that that they own their own businesses, work for several clients, me included, and work remotely.  They appreciate the flexibility and ability to work from home.  It’s the perfect situation for the stay-at-home parent.  They enjoy being paid for production, and I enjoy the increased productivity that comes from a happier team member.   I am always open to connecting with virtual workers.  I may be able to utilize their skill sets personally or recommend them to my clients that are looking for additional help.

The telecommuting or virtual worker world has been filled with lots of scams both for the employer and the worker, which is a shame.  But it may be a work situation that you may want to consider.  The best way to find businesses or workers interested in this work-style is through networking, of course!

Please do share if you have any experience or insight in this area that you’d like to share.

You can read the article here.



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