Would You Get Your Baby’s Ears Pierced?

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I found this article online and it struck a cord on so many levels.  Here’s a question for you, would you get your 6-month old daughter’s ears pierced?  This mother did and wrote an article in the New York Times and Huffington Post about it.  

My ears were pierced as a baby too by a doctor.  It was just custom for my Cuban parents to have their daughter’s ears pierced,  similar to what the writer describes of her in-laws from Nicaragua.  Growing up, my friends thought I was pretty lucky.  I didn’t really know any different.  My Grandfather (yes, he was Cuban too) was totally against it, he thought it was barbaric, but he lost that battle because everyone else in the family wanted it done.

What amazes me about the whole thing is the backlash that the writer got.  What do you think as a woman?  If you’re a mother, what do you think as a mom?  Is it barbarism, plain and simple, or just a cultural norm? 

Here’s the article:

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  1. I had both my daughters’ ears pierced when they were each three months old and strongly recommend doing it when they are this young. It is so much easier when they are that age and you, as the mother, can look after them. Then when they are older and go to nursery, school etc. the holes are completely healed so earrings can be taken out for a period for games etc. and then put back in when they back home. Friends of mine who have waited until their girls are older or ask to have it done have had far more problems that those of us who have decided to do it when they are babies. Babies wearing gold earrings look really cute too. The most difficult job I had was persuading dh it was a good idea but after the older daughter had it done, he was really pleased and with our younger daughter actually said he definitely wanted her to start wearing earrings as a baby like her older sister. Good luck with your decision !

    • Great comment, Pam. Let me just say, I personally, don’t have a baby, however, this is just another one of those things that women struggle with. What amazed me with the amount of negative feedback the writer got over her decision.

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